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Client Stories

Here are a few case studies to give you an idea of the magic that we can make together.



Few home builders in Western Canada have a distinguished and recognizable brand. The main marketing tactic used by Western Canadian home builders is price promotion. 


Rohit Communities needs to stand out from the noise and disrupt the market with a strong brand position that resonates with the target audience.

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 As a startup, Cooper Financials did not have any market share in the accounting market. The industry is saturated with accounting firms that are plain and numbers-driven, and lack creativity.


Within a startup budget, develop and launch an accounting brand that does not follow the accounting status quo.



The founder of Four Friends Fitness has been operating as a solopreneur since day 1 and after years of operating through trial and error, she was ready to take her studio to the next level. However, her brand strategy at the time did not accurately represent the business it has grown to become.


Strengthen the Four Friends Fitness brand through purpose-based branding, provide clarity to the internal team, and attract future prospective female clients.

DDW - 1200px X 675px - Twitter Organic4.jpg


1. Downtown Dining Week is happening in the midst of a pandemic. People are more reluctant on ordering food from restaurants due to safety and/or budget concerns.

2. A week before the program campaign launched, dining restrictions were imposed, leaving us less than 24 hours to pivot our marketing strategy.


Primary: Encourage people to support local by participating at Downtown Dining Week, as restaurants have been struggling during the pandemic.

Secondary: After restrictions were imposed, we needed to pivot our strategy to inform people that Downtown Dining Week is still happening with patio and takeout options.

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