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Wild Oasis



Wild Oasis, an early-stage innovative startup, faced the challenge of establishing a clear brand identity and understanding its target audience through research data before embarking on the development of marketing assets.


Create a purpose-driven brand that would provide the founder with the essential messaging and positioning needed to advance the business and its marketing initiatives.


In today's world, humans with vaginas have long had to make uncomfortable compromises between their health and comfort when it comes to feminine hygiene products, often designed by individuals who do not share their experiences. This issue has underscored the need for more open conversations around reproductive health.

Through my in-depth research, I used these key insights to develop Wild Oasis's brand strategy.


People grappling with reproductive health conditions such as endometriosis, fibrosis, PCOS, and others frequently find that the products available on the market exacerbate their symptoms, making their daily lives more challenging.



There are quite a few market leaders offering non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives, however the target audience often found themselves sacrificing comfort, absorbency, or convenience, or in some cases, all of the above.


"For women, lots of areas of our health are not within our control. Women are now claiming and taking control of what works with us, contribute to wellness, take charge of our hygiene and health. We want to help women take control of the narrative” Stacey Womble, Founder


Help humans with vaginas embrace their natural rhythm


Providing safe and effective natural resources that enables them to take control of their feminine health

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With a clear brand purpose and positioning in place, Wild Oasis was well-equipped to move forward with its business and marketing efforts, knowing that it had a compelling and purpose-driven message to share with its audience. Wild Oasis is now set to launch in 2024!



"Forming a woman's wellness brand from the ground up is no easy undertaking, but thanks to Bernedette we have a solid foundation and strategy to launch our brand to the entire world. We are eternally grateful for Bernadette's attention to detail, promptness, stellar research skills, and thorough inquisitiveness. She was able to formulate a 73 page brand identity report that has given our company a solid path to follow and we plan on working with Bernedette as we continue on this journey, because her skills and insight are absolutely priceless. If you are looking for someone that can help you transform your business idea/product into full fledge lifestyle brand Bernadette is that person. Look no further :)"

Stacey Womble, Founder of Wild Oasis

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