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So, you're interested in learning more...

Let's get straight to it, why don't we?

My experience comes from working at one of the largest corporate agencies in Western Canada for years, where I had the opportunity to work closely with small to large businesses in various industries.


However, I wanted to have a more direct and positive impact through my work and help small business owners who are typically overwhelmed with all the hats they have to wear. That is why I started my one-woman consultancy where I get to work directly with purpose-led founders that are looking to leave the world a better place.


I use psychology to drive my strategies

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour, which is what led me to marketing. Marketing is all about people! A deep understanding of your audience’s behaviours, what drives them, and what attracts them is the key to a successful strategy. I apply my background in psychology to all my of my strategies.


Small talk is not my forte... 😬

I crave deeper connections with the people I work with. I want to get to know you and your business fully and I do that by asking  insightful questions that’ll get you thinking about your business identity in a different light. I’m looking to make breakthroughs to provide my clients with the clarity they’ve been seeking this entire time. 


Where my curiosity goes, my creative solutions follow

I don’t have a niche and it’s an intentional choice. Hold up, before I lose you - hear me out. My process is the same for all industries - it’s heavily based on research. I can promise you that by the time I present your custom strategy, I’ll know your industry like the back of my hand.


I’m a curious person by nature, and I love to dive deep into new industries and new businesses. This not only fulfills my natural tenacity to keep learning, but it also provides my clients with fresh, creative solutions that they've never seen before in their industry.

My Partners

To ensure that you're well-equipped to execute my growth-driven strategies, I have highly skilled independent professionals that I can bring on and manage or recommend to you. Below are a few partners that I may bring on:


Ideas are nothing more than a collection of ones and zeroes until you give them a purpose.

Let's get your ideas out of your head with clarity and strategy.

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