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Four Friends Fitness




The founder of Four Friends Fitness has been operating as a solopreneur since day 1 and after years of operating through trial and error, she was ready to take her studio to the next level. However, her brand strategy at the time did not accurately represent the business it has grown to become. 


Strengthen the Four Friends Fitness brand through purpose-based branding, provide clarity to the internal team, and attract future prospective female clients.


Using my standard brand strategy process, I examined 3 aspects of the business: the market, the audience, and what the brand can offer. 

The fitness studio market in Jacksonville, Florida was relatively small, and through my research, I found that all the competing studios had the same brand messages and themes:

  • They all build build custom plans

  • "We'll help you feel better, look better and move better" message

  • "We'll help you work towards your goals" message


While these messages may hold truth, these are the basic requirements that every personal training service should provide. 

To get to the root of Four Friends Fitness's true differentiator and its team's ambitions, I conducted in-depth interviews with the company's founder and clients. Throughout these interviews, I noticed a common theme behind all of our conversations: Four Friends Fitness empowered clients beyond fitness.


Four Friends Fitness clients were not only able to transform their physical health, but also their personal lives.


Clients started to believe that they can achieve more in their work, in their relationships, in their fitness and in other aspects of life. Four Friends Fitness pushed clients to go beyond what they thought they could achieve. It also built a strong community of support for women to conquer their greatest and most personal challenges. 

Four Friends Fitness's brand purpose and positioning came naturally, as the team was already living its purpose daily: to empower women to achieve more by helping them realize their own potential.


Empower women to achieve more


Helping women realize their own potential



With a newly found, clear, concise, and strong brand strategy in hand, the founder of Four Friends Fitness gained the clarity and direction that she had been looking for. We worked in collaboration to retrofit the website copy to fit the new brand and the new voice and tone that we developed: encouraging, positive, motivational, trustworthy, and friendly.


Completing the brand strategy allowed the founder a clear headspace to start thinking about growth and direction- she now plans to expand the business at a new location in the coming year. 



"Bernedette was a great partner and a pleasure to work with. She was personally invested in developing the Four Friends Fitness brand with me and the overall success of my business. Her insight and guidance are invaluable and she really helped me gain clarity on the brand."

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