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Rachel, the founder, knew that she wanted to build a brand specialized in hand and nail care products, but she wasn't sure how to brand it to attract her target audience. Her company was an early-stage startup entering a mature and highly competitive market, dominated by established giants such as OPI and L'Occitane.


Create a purpose-driven brand that capitalizes on market opportunities, enabling Lamano to distinguish itself from the dominant players in the industry.



As part of my standard brand research process, I conducted an in-depth interview with the Rachel to hear her story and to fully understand her vision and goals for the company. As I delved deeper into her story, I couldn't help but be moved by the emotion and passion behind the reason why she decided to start Lamano. Her struggles with mental health led her to seek relief by biting the skin around her nails, resulting in major sores and hangnails. In efforts to seek care and treatment for her hands and nails, she decided to make an effort to rewire this subconscious habit by learning mindful practices and nourishing her nails with all natural ingredients and essential oils. This became ingrained in her self-care routine, and she wanted to share it with the world.


Her unwavering drive and purpose were palpable in every aspect of her vision, from the meticulous ingredient selection to the thoughtfully chosen packaging materials. It was clear to me that her story and purpose needed to be at the core of the brand.

In order to fully capture the key elements of branding, including audience and market research, I dove into additional research to gain a well-informed understanding of the hand care industry and Lamano's target audience. The research revealed that the target market primarily sought hand and nail care products for the purposes of healing, moisturizing, and rejuvenation. Additionally, an analysis of industry leaders revealed a gap in the market that Lamano could fill. This insight, combined with Rachel's heartfelt intentions for the brand, helped to solidify Lamano's brand with clarity.


Heal everyone's minds, hands, souls, and the planet


Cultivating sustainable, holistic and mindful practices through our natural hand care products


The brand name "Lamano" was derived from Rachel's Italian heritage, meaning "hands" in Italian. Rachel's connection to the Italian way of life and the concept of "slow living" was a key insight for the brand.


With clarity and strategy, Rachel was equipped to move forward with her website copy and brand design. In collaboration with her, I utilized the brand strategy and research insights to write the website and product copy, ensuring consistency with Lamano's brand. This included incorporating elements of self-care and slow living into the website copy.


To bring the brand to life visually, Rachel hired an independent designer and photographer to execute the brand strategy. Using the brand strategy as a guide, they were able to incorporate meaningful elements visual brand, resulting in the minimalistic and cohesive brand seen above.



"Bernedette has been an invaluable branding and marketing resource for Lamano. I have had the pleasure of working with her for several months now and I've really appreciated her passionate approach to getting to know our brand. She really gets to know the brand on a deeper level, she has the ability to look at a brand from the brand's perspective as well as from the consumer's perspective. Bernedette is so easy to work with, she understood our needs and took the time to ask questions when she needed clarity. I really appreciate her attention to detail, her honesty and I'm personally so grateful to know her. Our brand is a start up so I can only speak from the start up perspective but I can say that the work and level of expertise Bernedette has provided so far has been more than enough to allow us to propel forward to our launch in the near future! We will definitely always have Bernedette as our sounding board and our go-to Marketing gal!"

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