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Case Study: Momentum


Momentum is a coaching business that provides leadership training programs to 'first, few and onlys' who are currently working in the Tech industry.

'First, few and onlys' is a key term coined by Momentum. It refers to a group of people who identify as the first, few and/or only people in their social or work setting that don't fit into the privileged narrative. For example...

- The first female leader in their workplace, the first black and queer man in their workplace;

- The few people in their workplace who are LGBTQ;

- The only people in the management team who are Black, Asian, Hispanic etc.


Momentum was a brand new startup looking to solidify its brand before launching into the market. The founders of Momentum had lots of ideas on what the brand should be, but they were too close to the project and needed an external partner to help them gain clarity and an objective perspective on who they are as a business.


Develop a clear, concise and purpose-driven brand that not only resonates with Momentum's stakeholders, but also with its target audience.



With any purpose-driven brand, my first step was to get to know Momentum's founders and its previous participants to understand the brand from multiple perspectives. I wanted to get to the bottom of what drove the founders to create this organization. I wanted to understand the impact they've made on previous participants. 

As part of my research process, I interviewed Momentum's founders, previous participants and scanned the market to understand the brand from all perspectives. I wanted to get to the bottom of what drove the founders to create this organization, outside of monetary reasons. I wanted to understand the impact they've made on previous participants. 


I learned that the current Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) market is filled with coaches and programs tailored to the people who are already in power (CEOs, Partners, Directors etc.) and/or the Human Resources department of the company. 


Through my research, I have come to understand there seems to be little to no D&I support and resources for people at the junior or mid-level role who face social barriers in their everyday work life. 

For the junior and mid-level folks who were looking for coaching, the market seemed to be saturated with leadership coaches that only focused on one aspect of their identities- either race, gender, or sexual orientation.


However, we all hold intersectional identities. We can hold privileges in one aspect of identity, but be oppressed against in another aspect of our identity. For example, a white man can be privileged in his race and gender identity, but he can also be underprivileged in his queer, sexual orientation. 

Momentum is the only leadership coaching program that considers intersectional identities in its program development. It is truly driven to create a world with diversity in leadership by working with the first, few and onlys who actually need the support to climb the corporate ladder.

Brand Purpose

Empower first, few and onlys with the confidence and clarity to ignite change.

Brand Positioning

Reframing mindsets through leadership coaching that addresses intersectional privileges and barriers.



Momentum used the brand strategy as a guide to develop its brand content to attract prospective clients and is now set to launch in Spring 2022!


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