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This project was completed in partnership with NickelBronx Agency



OmniFSI (now rebranded as InvoClass), an early-stage online education startup had been primarily focusing on developing the technical aspect of the platform over the past few years. As a tech-only team, they struggled to present their business compellingly, identify the right audience, and determine the most effective marketing channels for their services.


Using research, identify its target audience and develop a brand identity that includes new visual designs and a new brand name that'll attract its target audience. Following the rebrand, formulate and execute a comprehensive marketing plan to introduce InvoClass into the market and build brand awareness.


Prior to initiating any design or content creation, we established a brand platform that laid the groundwork for all subsequent efforts. Through in-depth research into the business, audience and market, we were able to develop the brand purpose, positioning, values and communication pillars for OmniFSI, and also establish a new brand name.


Help educators magnify their influence on their learners’ real world success


Providing educators with the autonomy, support and a platform to teach tangible knowledge and skills

invoclass logo.png

After meticulous evaluation of the brand strategy, integrating creativity and adhering to crucial naming criteria, we landed on the name 'InvoClass.' The prefix 'Invo' is stands for both 'Involved' and 'Invoke.'

  • 'Involved Learning' stands at the core of the brand ethos, promoting an educational environment where learners engage actively, and educators offer real-time feedback, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

  • 'Invoke Transformation and Growth' encapsulates another fundamental aspect of the brand. It reflects the ambition of both educators and learners to drive change and development. InvoClass is uniquely positioned to facilitate this by delivering tangible knowledge and skills through its unique features.


With a clear brand strategy and a new brand name, the NickelBronx creative team took over and brought the visual identity to life with a new logo, color palette, typography, brand graphics, and website.


Together, we developed a marketing plan hyper-focused on building brand awareness within the tech community. The aim was to attract educators to the platform, encouraging them to share their expertise and skills to enthusiastic learners.



*This marketing plan is currently being executed, as we closely oversee and monitor the performance.* 

Last Update - Feb 15, 2024

  • First webinar had over 300 sign ups

  • First week of digital advertising efforts resulted in 35+ leads

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