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Make an impact with your brand.

Let's help you establish a health and wellness brand that has the power to influence positive change in our society today.

The Experience


Hello, I'm Bernedette.

It's so great to meet you! From this moment forward, you're no longer alone in your entrepreneurial journey. I help purpose-led entrepreneurs like you bring their ideas and intentions to life by bringing clarity and strategy to their businesses with a human-centred approach.

Quick snippet of my experience:

  • 6+ years in marketing

  • Experience working at one of the largest marketing agencies in Western Canada

  • Specializes in health and wellness brands, from small to medium sized businesses

  • Branded & launched a $1M+ campaign for a major client, increased clients’ web traffic by 6800% and brand search volume by 120%

The Experience



I will turn your millions of ideas that have been living in your head rent-free into a concise and easy-to-understand brand that speaks directly to your audience's wants and needs. 



Questionnaires don't get into the nitty gritty. Let's get on a call and have a real conversation where I ask insightful questions that get you thinking in new ways about your business. I also conduct market and audience research to make sure that we have all our bases convered.



You'll never have to follow up with me. I pride myself in A+ communication with everyone so you'll always be in the know. I invite open conversations 


Clients That I'm Grateful For

"Forming a woman's wellness brand from the ground up is no easy undertaking, but thanks to Bernedette we have a solid foundation and strategy to launch our brand to the entire world. We are eternally grateful for Bernadette's attention to detail, promptness, stellar research skills, and thorough inquisitiveness. She was able to formulate a 73 page brand identity report that has given our company a solid path to follow and we plan on working with Bernedette as we continue on this journey, because her skills and insight are absolutely priceless. If you are looking for someone that can help you transform your business idea/product into full fledge lifestyle brand Bernadette is that person. Look no further :)"

Stacey Womble, Wild Oasis

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Let's bridge the gap between your ideas and action with a clear, executional, strategic plan. 


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